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Our state of the art TSCM equipment will detect the presence of active and passive bugging devices, hidden camera setups, keystroke logging or keylogging devices, laser and infrared beams and more. We are always reviewing new technologies and upgrading our equipment to ensure that our clients are getting the best possible service.

Depending on the threat level (Low, Mid, High or Extreme) we will determine where to cap our frequency range, which is currently up to 43 Ghz, more than any other device or equipment on the market. As a comparison, devices in Australia will generally scan up to 21 Ghz.. With the advent of new technology, overseas units can scan up to 24 Ghz. Our Extreme threat level units are well beyond any capability available on the market, scanning at real time up to the 36 Ghz mark, and in the not to distant future, our capability will be 43 Ghz.

After preliminary contact NSI will perform a risk assessment via a covert site visit or telephone conference, including a review of floor plans for larger offices. We then produce a detailed written proposal outlining your requirements, our service and pricing. We also cater for extremely urgent bug sweeps if needed. If commissioned, we manage all arrangements, cover stories and measures for allowing the operation to begin with the least amount of interruption and input to the client.


This level of threat uses our flagship device and our highest performance spectrum analyser in our arsenal. It scans up to 36Ghz in less than 1.5 seconds and has real time capabilities to allow us to monitor threats as they occur in real time throughout the whole radio frequency spectrum up to 36 Ghz. This spectrum analyser has a resolution bandwidth between 1Hz to 10MHz and has an on screen interference mapping option with an on board GPS receiver.

It also has low phase noise which is important when trying to locate a hidden transmitting listening device bug and it has a wide dynamic range to be able to detect weak signals hidden next to very strong signals, which is extremely difficult with other devices on the market. We use this equipment for extreme threat analysis so you can rest assured that you will have one of the most advanced units available to secure your assets and secrets.

The unit handles spectrum monitoring, bugging device detection, RF and microwave signal analysis, trace data analysis and backhaul testing or cellular and mobile phone signal measurements. It can also detect sophisticated transmitters (frequency-hopping, burst/packet, and spread spectrum, carrier current and infrared).

The Spectrum Analyser also has a GPS feature so that we are able to analyse areas of your office or home and the surrounding buildings or streets and pinpoint where threats are occuring. We have all licensing and Department of Defence authorities and all our bug sweep services come with a risk analysis of your premises.


The CPM-700 is a broadband receiver designed to detect and locate all major types of electronicsurveillance devices including room, phone,body bugs, video transmitters, and tape recorders.

Broadband receivers such as the CPM-700 provide a very important cost-effective tool for professional sweep teams, government security personnel and private citizens with important security needs.

The CPM-700 is very effective for rapidly detecting and locating transmitted signals. There are several “imitations” of the CPM-700 on the market because of its success as a product. While some of these copies may be cheaper, they do not provide the frequency performance and sensitivity of the CPM-700.

Our cpm-700 is capable of searching Audio frequency from 100Hz to 15Khz, VLF (Very Low Frequency) from 15Khz to 1 Mhz and radio Frqeuency from 50Khz to 12ghz. Infrared trasmitters 10Khz to 5Mhz.

Advantages with additional probes including the RF sniffer probe nulifies rich environments like in CDB or  where area’s of braodcasting is conducted though disadvantages are that all surfaces will be required to be seached in a maximum of 18 inches with the probe which is very time consuming and will more than likely create human error.

NJE-4000 [ORION Non-Linear Junction Evaluator]

(The Great Hunter) provides the capability to detect hidden electronic devices, regardless of whether the device is radiating, hard wired, or even turned on at all! ORION is the latest advancement in Non-linear Junction Detection and evaluation for Counter surveillance.

Time Domain Reflectometer

Our Telephone and Line Analyzer provides a complete integrated suite of tools to analyze, inspect, and test digital telephone lines (and other wiring) for taps and other eavesdropping devices. 

The unit incorporates several types of telephone line tests including common tests such as voltage, current, resistance, and capacitance tests, as well as NEW technology such as line NLJD, FDR Frequency Domain Reflectometry, and Digital Demodulation into a single piece of equipment. it also utilises an automatic internal pair switching matrix to automatically perform tests on all pair combinations. The ability to perform several different tests allows the user to compare the results of multiple tests on multiple phone lines, quickly identifying any potentially threatening anomalies. 


Specialist Services

  • Technical Services NSI is an experienced and professional source for all your technical surveillance counter measures needs; also known as electronic bug detection or bug sweeping. We provide a full technical and physical inspection of premises' and offer risk assessments as part of our service.
  • Private Investigator SydneyPrivate InvestigatorsOur private investigation services provide clients with peace of mind in obtaining evidence needed to make informed decisions. We have private investigators in Sydney, Private Investigator in Chatswood, Private Detectives in Parramatta and all throughout the Sydney Area and Australia Wide..
  • Management Consultancy Our Consulting division provides security advice to corporate and government client's in the form of background checks, security reviews and risk assessments, planning security for events, security project management. We also provide in depth reports on global security & intelligence and travel security reports.
  • Risk ManagementNSI are able to assist in designing and carrying out industry specific risk assessments for security related matters. All assessments are carried out in compliance with Australian Standards AS 4360 and are specifically made for our client's.
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